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Dye-Na-Flow: This high chroma, highly transparent liquid fabric paint is permanent on any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics, leather and wood. In many ways, it simulates a true dye: Dye-Na-Flow spreads on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even, sinking into the fibers like a dye instead of sitting on the surface like thicker paints and inks. The colors are super vibrant & washfast and will not change the feel of the fabric, making it a powerful tool whenever true dyes are impractical. A uniquely versatile fluid acrylic, Dye-Na-Flow is used for a diverse range of applications, from silk painting to wood staining.

painting, spray on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, spraying with Jacquard’s YouCAN, sponge printing, sun printing, batik, resist techniques including serti, woodstaining, marbling, urban art and more

natural and synthetic fabrics, wood, paper, clay, canvas, suede, leather and more

Dye-Na-Flow Exciter Pack includes:

- Project insert with two projects

- 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Dye-Na-Flow paint with the following colors:
801 Sun Yellow, 802 Golden Yellow, 803 Bright Orange, 805 Scarlet, 809 Magenta, 811 Violet, 812 Periwinkle, 813 Turquoise, 818 Chartreuse

Lumiere / Neopaque: Lumiere is the most versatile and wide-ranging assortment of metallic and pearlescent acrylics available, these stunning light-bodied paints brush on smoothly and are formulated to last. Use Lumiere paints whenever a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired, for fine arts, craft, home decor or textile applications. They won’t crack, peel or chip, even on flexible surfaces like fabric, leather, vinyl or rubber. Soft to the touch and washfast on fabric, Lumiere paints also exhibit unparalleled adhesive properties, even on non-porous surfaces like ceramic and metal. Lumiere colors are lightfast and weather-resistant, and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage, even on dark grounds.

FABRIC/FIBER/SURFACES natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, vinyl, plastic, rubber, clay, paper and more

Neopaque shares many characteristics with Lumiere but is formulated with traditional pigments instead of metallics. A great companion to Textile Color for black fabrics, these super opaque paints provide maximum coverage on virtually any dark ground. Exceptionally washfast on fabric, Neopaque is also permanent on a wide variety of other surfaces, including leather, vinyl, canvas, stone, plastic and rubber. Professional shoe painters depend on Neopaque for its superior durability and adhesion to non-traditional surfaces—it won’t crack, peel or chip, even with continuous wear. Great for fine arts, textiles, leather and more, Neopaque is unsurpassed for coverage, versatility and performance.TECHNIQUES
paint, screen, stencil, stamp; add to Lumiere for an antique effectFABRIC/FIBER/SURFACES
natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, clay, vinyl, plastic, rubber, stone, paper and more

Lumiere / Neopaque Exciter Pack includes:

- Project insert

- 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Lumiere & Neopaque paints with the following colors:
561 Metallic Gold, 562 Metallic Olive Green, 564 Metallic Copper, 565 Metallic Bronze, 568 Pearlescent White, 569 Pearlescent Violet, 570 Pearlescent Blue, 588 Neopaque Black, 589 Neopaque White



Halo & Jewel Colors Lumiere Exciter Pack includes:

- Project insert

- 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Lumiere & Neopaque paints with the following colors:
555 Halo Pink Gold, 556 Halo Blue Gold, 557 Halo Violet Gold, 566 Metallic Russet, 554 Sunset Gold, 551 Pewter, 517 Pearlescent Turquoise, 572 Pearlescent Emerald, 573 Pearlescent Magenta



Airbrush Colours

Originally formulated for textiles, the exceptional durability, unsurpassed coverage and superb flexibility of Jacquard Airbrush Color has attracted artists of every ilk. The go-to paint for custom shoe and sneaker painting, it resists cracking, peeling and chipping better than any other brand. With excellent adhesion on many non-traditional surfaces such as vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber, these paints are also soft to the touch and exceptionally washfast on fabric. Formulated for easy spraying right out of the bottle with no additives or adulteration required, these odorless, non-toxic and water-based fluid acrylic paints perform well even at low pressures, with minimal tip-dry and clogging.

airbrushing, marbling, pouring, spritzing, painting, stamping, refilling markers and pens, stenciling, spraying with Jacquard’s YouCAN

natural and synthetic fabric, leather, vinyl, canvas, wood, paper, rubber, plastic, clay, metal and more


Opaque Airbrush Exciter Pack includes: 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Airbrush Color (Clear Varnish + the following 8 colors):200 Opaque Yellow, 201 Opaque Red, 202 Opaque Blue, 203 Opaque Green, 204 Opaque Violet, 205 Opaque Sepia, 206 Opaque Black, 207 Opaque White, Clear Varnish


Metallic Airbrush Exciter Pack includes: 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Airbrush Color (Clear Varnish + the following 8 colors):300 Metallic Yellow, 301 Metallic Red, 302 Metallic Blue, 303 True Gold, 304 Solar Gold, 305 Silver, 306 Copper, 307 Metallic White, Clear Varnish


Transparent Airbrush Exciter Pack includes: 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles Airbrush Color (Clear Varnish + the following 8 colors): 100 Transparent Yellow, 101 Transparent Red, 102 Transparent Blue, 103 Transparent Green, 104 Transparent Violet, 105 Transparent Brown, 106 Transparent Black, 107 Transparent White, Clear Varnish