About Us


Rhain and Jo in the Kyneton Craftery Studio

We're Rhain & Jo and We Own Kyneton Craftery!

Looking back to our childhoods, craft has always played a big part in our lives! Why just write a school essay when you could accompany it with a replica castle model with working drawbridge, or scale map of Australia complete with landmarks? No present was complete without something we had made just for them, who doesn't want a crocheted lavender scent pillow as a 8 year old...project taste aside craft has inspired, entertained, and instructed our lives.


Craft even made Rhain wrong, the only time in her life, by finally making high school mathematics a required life skill for crafts such as bookbinding, box making and quilting!

Crafts themselves do not judge or discriminate and even when you are in the process of mastering a new skill the journey is more exciting than getting it perfect the first time.


So we’ve filled the Kyneton Craftery studios and shop with our favorite materials from over stuffed private stashes, searched for some amazing new supplies, and created a schedule of workshops to encourage all to get crafting.

“We’re all about crafting!

Learn something, teach someone, and have some fun!”

So craft, chat, and caffeinate while you brush up on an old favourite, learn a new craft you didn’t know you needed in your life, or just join one of our social craft sessions and share your knowledge as well as some laughs.


We’re all about creating a dedicated craft space for all to feel at home in. Plus unlike your pet, children, or spouse we won’t glaze over when you start showing off pictures of your most recent crafting project.

“You bring the creative spirit we’re all stocked on the rest!”

Like everyone, we have our own favorite crafts, and ones we aren’t so great at, so we don’t claim to be experts in anything, and when we can’t teach a new skill we will find someone who can!


Sure youtube is a convenient teacher, but to learn in person, with all the supplies ready to use, and others to bounce ideas off, is an even better way to get your craft on.


Why not try something different with us before you go out and source all the tools and supplies.

Come for a once off workshop, a regular crafting session or let us host your next party or private event, because we all know Maker’s Gonna Make and we’re here to help!

Making our Coloured Paper Packs