Let us introduce you to the world of polymer clay and learn to create some incredible pieces you will want to show off! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t touched any clay since you made that amazing ashtray in primary school, (why were children of the 80’s & 90’s still making ashtrays in school?) or if you have played around with polymer clay and already know the basics!

There is nothing a veneer and glitter can’t fix!

polymer clay jewellery

Come along and learn to create jewellery that shows the real you! In our studio we use Premo by Sculpey, which is the perfect clay for beginners and a great all purpose clay. In our beginners jewellery class you will learn how to condition your clay, what surface to work on, how to cure your clay so it doesn’t scorch or crumble, mix colours, make different shapes, and make simple jewellery! Already know the basics or just looking for a bit more of a challenge? Our intermediate classes include creating your own colours through inclusions including inks, pastels, mica and glitter, creating Skinner Blends as well as a more in depth look at finishing your pieces and when to use sealers!

polymer clay slabs

Got the basics down and want to try something different, come along and learn about slab work, no six pack required! Learn how to create slabs of patterned polymer clay to use as veneers, or to be cut up for jewellery components. This is the base from which you can go on to create polymer clay pictures or ‘paintings’.

advanced polymer clay play

Explore the possibilities of polymer clay when you add in tools and texture sheets to make mokume gane clay, or learn how to use the clay extruder to create canes that can be cut up into 100’s of slices! If you are more of a 3D person, come along and learn how to create characters perfect for badges or as friends to keep your work desk company!

Check out our upcoming polymer clay classes below or get in touch with us to organise your own class.

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