If you are talking in GSM, weave, finish, curl, grain, and sizing then you are speaking our favourite paper language! The Craftery has filled its shelves with imported Japanese chiyogami papers, metallics, translucents, and a rainbow of colours of papers and card. Paired with tools to cut, shape, emboss, curl and stick, you may never look at paper the same way again.

Discover below some of the paper craft workshops we offer.

paper cut workshops

The techniques of cutting and layering paper designs can be used to create 3d items, delicate cards and jewellery pieces. Design multiple layers of a pattern and cut them to create a layered design.  Discover techniques to create depth with various papers, work with a variety of paper tools, and adapt other tools to make paper work easier. Suitable for all levels of skill paper cutting is a bright, adaptable, craft that can be a simple project or scaled to create detailed artworks.

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lino cut and stamping workshops

Working with different varieties of lino and cutting mediums, create your own stamps and linocuts to print with. Print unique designs on paper for wrapping paper and cards or fabric for bags and usable designs. Discover carving tools and design basics to create repeatable designs you can print over and over.

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Check out our upcoming paper craft classes below or get in touch with us to organise your own class.

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upcoming paper craft workshops