Can you ever have too many options when it comes to beads and findings???

With beads from gemstones, paper, ceramics, and glass – jewellery design (and our studio) is full of mesmerising findings and wires that can be bent and shaped to your will.  From simple beaded earring to hours of painstaking bead an chain mail work, making your own jewellery is the perfect functional craft for all to experience.

Discover below some of the jewellery design workshops we offer.

wire wrapped jewellery

Discover the beauty of twisted and curled wire working combined with wire profiles, gauges, and colours and finishes to create beautiful surrounds for beads and cabochons. Use the techniques to surround heirloom pieces and create new treasures or turn found objects into wearable art.

chain mail

From a pile of jump rings emerges striking chain mail jewellery. Use this medieval technique of linking rings to make patterns and designs, attach and surround beads, and construct beautiful jewellery. Make your own rings from a wide variety of colours and gauges of wire or use pre made pieces for speed.


Check out our upcoming jewellery design classes below or get in touch with us to organise your own class.

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upcoming jewellery design workshops